FLEXiCODE continues to grow - continuous, sustained and smartly!

Wilfried Gschneidinger, Chairman of the advisory board

We are thrilled to announce today, that we’ve established an advisory board at FLEXiCODE. Together with this newly formed committee we will strengthen our path of growth as one of the leading IFS Channel & Services partner within the DACH Region and abroad. 

As young entrepreneurs we have succeeded to build up FLEXiCODE as a company with already more than 50 people within only four years. In this extremely short period of time, we were able to convince a significant number of customers with substantial size from the IFS customer base and beyond to rely on our services and expertise. To emphasize the importance that our journey of growth is built on a secured basis, we secured us the expertise of two reputable senior executives with a proven success record. 
We are proud to announce that Wilfried Gschneidinger, former CEO of IFS Europe Central, is starting as chairman of our new advisory board. Beside him, we were also able to win another senior executive who is starting on January 1st 2023. This person is also well known as CEO for a leading manufacturing company. We are convinced, that the deep expertise, massive experience and strong business network from those two senior executives, will contribute to develop a stronger and even more capable FLEXiCODE
 “We’re thankful that such an experienced former IFS senior executive, as Wilfried, is showing such deep trust and faith in our young company. His expertise and long-time experience in the software industry will secure and help us in finding the right business strategy, which will enable us to deliver the best-in-class solutions to our customers.” 
Carolin Scheifl, Managing Partner FLEXiCODE. 
„I`m delighted to support these two young entrepreneurs, who have already managed to build up FLEXiCODE as one of the leading Channel & Services partner of IFS in the DACH Region. I`m very optimistic that we will manage to scale up FLEXiCODE on a base of innovative services and their deep competencies in this phantastic team. We will also work hard on deserving the confidence from prospects, customers and partners to invest further on into FLEXiCODE.“ 
Wilfried Gschneidinger, Chairman of the advisory board